Dragon head by joshpurple gassy

Dragons are large flying reptiles from the tropical regions of the world, primarily from the Tropics of the Chasm.
Many myths tell tales of extremely intelligent Dragons who breathe fire and cast spells. And many adventurers have gone in search of them and never returned. There are other tales that say dragons are no smarter than a horse and can be used as a pack animal or even a mount.
In reality Dragons are tropical predators who are very very difficult to tame enough to ride. They are not magical and do not breathe fire. They do, however, occasionally hoard treasure. Dragons often dine on the unwary traveler and are attracted by bright and shinny objects such as metal weapons and armor as well as coin. When the Dragons dines on these unfortunate people, it will gather the shiniest bits or treasure in its mouth and pile it in its cave or den.

Full grown dragons can range in size anywhere from the size of a pony (4 feet long not including the tail, another 4 feet long) to over 20 feet long with a tail another 20 feet long.

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