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Vehicles button 4
Dirigibles – lighter than air ship. Usually kept afloat with a balloon of sorts filled with hot air.
Flying Ships – Similar to a dirigible, but with no balloon, and kept afloat via arcane means.

Items button 3
Dukuesne Steel – the highest quality steel on the face of Verdenheim. Dukuesne steel is believed to be magical by some, though it is attested by its makers to be unaltered by magic.

Games button 2
Mumblety-Peg – A dagger throwing game. Popular among street toughs, sailors and professional fighting men. The object of this game is for each player to flip or toss a dagger in a series of moves such that, after each move, the dagger sticks erect in the ground. Some common moves are flipping the knife from the palm, from the back of the hand, and from between the teeth. Players perform in turns until they miss, resuming after other players miss unless one player wins by successfully performing all positions. The game’s name comes from a forfeit required in the early days of the game: a small peg was driven into the ground by a prescribed number of dagger blows, and if you lost you had to “mumble the peg” — that is, pull it out with your teeth. A common wager these days is an amount of coin (usually copper) agreed upon by both (or all) parties.

Thorstein’s or Lord Thorstein’s Challenge – In this competition each contestant must stick 4 daggers anywhere on the face of the target in the least number of throws. 2 daggers must be thrown by the handle and 2 daggers must be thrown by the blade. Throwing all 4 daggers at once (2 by the blade, 2 by the handle) is called a “Thorstein”. Any thrower who throws a “Thorstein” is automatically the winner.

Alquerques – a simple strategy game played by two people. One white, one black. The board is checked with an equal amount of black and white boxes.

Cheque – Played on an Alquerques board. Playing stones are cast upon the board like dice and wagers are placed on whether they will land on black or white.

Groups button 3
The Bronzemen – International highway police force. Have jurisdiction on all highways across all nations and in any town that lies on a highway or within sight of one.

Independent. They come from all of the countries. If they enter a nation, they are beholden to those nations laws, and can act as crown guard or Sheriff, but cannot be conscripted into service even if they are native to the country.
Despite the borders on the map, there is a lot of unincorporated land between the nations. They have jurisdiction over those lands essentially. Mostly they only patrol the highways themselves to keep them relatively safe. But if say a murder occurs in a town they have patrol or have jurisdiction over, they will investigate and are known to be able hunters/trackers.
They will also track suspects into nearby nations to catch their quarry. And will bring them back. Without need of consulting the authorities in that land unless their quarry claims sanctuary something like that

The Longcoats – The personal guards and SS of The Sorceress Queen. Known for their ruthlessness and cruelty as well as their doggedness in running their prey to ground.

The Watergeuzen – Sea beggars. The Watergeuzen are friendly pirates that beg of ships that pass their tiny vessels in the large bays sometimes asking for money, food, or passage (paid for by way of work, as they are typically Able Sailors). The Watergeuzen are a recognized guild/society and faking membership for gain is punished heavily by real Watergeuzen. Real Watergeuzen are recognized by their medallions which are in the shape of a crescent moon with a face in profile inside it. the moon hangs with the open end facing left, so when worn the medallion’s points open on the heart.

Sea Dogs – Sea Dogs are a violent coalition of pirates and privateers that frequently prowl the seas looking for treasure. On occasion they will work with Mercenaries on land, lending their aid during battle, if the price is good enough.

Firearms button 3
Matchlock pistols and Arquebus. Encounter weapons, with recharge on 5 or 6

Howdah and Pepperpot style pistols, multi-shot pistols are possible, but extremely rare and troublesome. They are prone to misfires, jams and Breakages.

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