White Tree

White Tree is a dense wood in the North, just south of Sonderlund. The wood is full of mostly Pine and Ash Trees. The expanse of the wood has never been fully mapped and many legends surround the wood. The most prominent legend gives the wood its name and concerns a single tree, taller than the rest, that is solid white.

The White Tree stands nearly half again as tall as the other trees in the wood and is a brilliant shade of white so pristine it looks as though it is coated in frost. White Tree is completely barren and leafless. It bears no fruit except one brilliant red apple at its top most branch. The apple is said to be delicious and have curative properties that could bring a man back from the brink of death.

Many men have gone in search of White Tree, though none are known to have succeeded. It is a common occurrence among the Sonderans for the young men to go off in search of the White Tree Apple during their trials for manhood. Though none succeed they return hardened and ready for life among the warrior people.


White Tree

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