A Scandinavian/Viking like people who live far to the North in the frozen tundra of Sonderlund.
The Sonders are a fair skinned people, who are tall and broad of shoulder.
Many outsiders consider the Sonders to be an unclean and brutal people. Though they are barbarians, they are a typically friendly and boisterous, and exceedingly clean. It is ritual for Sonders’ to wash themselves at dawn and dusk.

Sonders build communal bath houses using natural hot springs. If no hot springs exist in the area they work together to heat large cauldrons of water and fill the communal baths. In the bath houses all are welcome and are treated like equals though the clan chiefs are treated with all respect.

All grown men are expected to own at least one weapon. A boy is given a weapon upon reaching his tenth birth. This weapon is given by his father or closest male relative and is usually a long dagger called a Yarta (hjarta-heart) or a hand axe called a Livet (Life). This weapon a man will keep for the rest of his life and will give to his first born son upon their 10th birthday. A Sonder man’s wealth and status are readily determinable by the types and amount of weapons and armor he has. While most men will have a simple spear, sword or ax, the wealthier, higher status men will have higher quality and more numerous weapons. Some will even have suits of chain mail or other heavy armor.

During festivals, celebrations and rituals, including trials a clan chief will wear a ceremonial helm that has the horns of a bull, great elk or ram. The chief must have been chosen this animal, killed it and removed the horns himself.

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